Your Car – Our Driver

A PDLA car service driver arrives at your home or business in his/her own car. Chauffeurs you in your vehicle. Is at your service during the trip – handling any errands in order to make your time as productive and enjoyable as possible – bringing you safely and comfortably home at the end of the assignment.

Rates are $32 - $40 per hour, plus gratuity, depending on the amount of time you book. We require a three hour minimum. However, we also offer a flat rate for airport transfers – which varies depending on where you live and which airport we're visiting. Contact us for rates.

PDLA's private driver and chauffeur services cover the greater Los Angeles area, but are open to assignments in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or other nearby cities. Contact us for rates.

Our Car – Our Driver

If you'd prefer not to use your own car PDLA can provide a car and private driver. Choose a town car, a roomy SUV, or other luxury rental. Contact us for rates.

Why Call PDLA?

Airport Transfer – Greeting

A PDLA private driver arrives at your home, loads your baggage and whisks you to the terminal. While you're away we park your car securely at your home, keep the keys and then promptly collect you on your return.

If you have guests or clients flying in we will greet them with a sign at baggage claim and escort them smoothly through the airport and to their destination. Contact us for rates.

An Evening Out – No DUI

Let your enjoyable night out begin the moment you leave home. No stress about directions, traffic, parking. PDLA is your "designated driver" as you relax and party with friends, no need to worry about counting your drinks.

Award Shows – Interviews – Movie Premieres

Arrive in style with an attractive, well dressed PDLA chauffeur to open your door.

Concerts – Sporting Events

Stress free from your front door to the door of the venue.

Concierge Services

PDLA is way more than just transportation. While you work, have lunch, go to the gym, attend a meeting – your personal car service driver can handle time consuming errands: wash and gas your car, pick up dry cleaning, shop.

Corporate Meetings – Events

Maximize your time. Make calls or prepare for your meeting while we drive.

Doctor Appointments – Out-Patient Procedures

Your PDLA private driver brings you to the door of the hospital or your doctor's office. Helps you in and out of the car or escorts you inside as needed.

Party Shuttle Service

Forget about valet parking. Let PDLA shuttle your guests between their hotels and your party. Contact us for rates.

Relocation Services

Driving to a different state and don't want to drive? Let PDLA safely and efficiently transport your car. Contact us for rates.

New to L.A.? We can familiarize you with the streets and amenities in your area.

Safe Transport For Your Kids

On-time, secure pickup and drop off at school or after school activities.

Senior Citizens

Our private drivers are patient, compassionate and ready to help in any way. Grocery shopping, doctor appointments, social visits. PDLA will find you a regular driver you can trust and rely on.


Relax and shop. Let PDLA's private driver park the car and then assist you with packages or pick-ups.

Sightseeing – Day Trips

Wine country, all day spa trips, beach outings, theme parks, city tours. PDLA will design a perfect one-day adventure and provide a driver who is a knowledgeable guide. Contact us for rates.